Welcome to my site!  I am the high school art teacher at Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools. I began my collegiate experience in the School of Art at the University of Michigan and ended my undergraduate studies in Ann Arbor with a BA in English. While working as an artist and teacher, I earned a MA in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI.  

See some of my artwork and a quick-link to student artwork and lesson plans below.

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Summer Work

I have been teaching for artistic behavior (TAB) for nine years.  I spent 6 years TAB in grades pre-K through eight, then moved to high school where I’ve just finished my third year. I haven’t written yet this summer but have been actively working on my professional growth. As I do every summer, I reflect … Continue reading Summer Work


So this.  This came across my PLN from @spencerideas.  I shared it with my peers because it is true.  Unless you are a teacher, you have no idea how hard we work. I listened to John Spencer’s podcast and believe me, I will take time to do the things I love this summer – spend … Continue reading Resting

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