Innovation Class Intro


Well last week included “Teach Like a Pirate Day “and the introduction to Innovation Class time.  While my pirate costume was a hit, IMG_6071.JPGthe innovation introduction wasn’t received with the enthusiasm I had hoped for.  So during my commute home on Friday and over the weekend, I took some time to reflect on the presentation.

I purposefully did not share examples of what other students were doing with innovation / genius hour / 20% time.  My experience as an art teacher has taught me that if I show an example, I close students’ thinking and will get a close duplicate of other student ideas.  I am not second-guessing this choice but know that the students are apprehensive about swimming in unchartered waters.  Today I reassured them that I have been through this before.  I know how they are feeling right now, after all my senior students have been told exactly what to do, how to do it and when to finish things for 12+ years.  I asked the students to trust me and let them know that I was going to be by their sides every step of the journey.

I continued my innovation journey by letting students know that we were going to start our Innovation time together slowly.  We would be spending the beginning classes identifying problems, ideas and student passions.  I would be sharing a process that will be applied to each student project, regardless of its length.

While my students are not completely sure of what is going to happen, I hope that some of their excitement grows this week as we work through an activity to “Find Your Passion”!

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