Innovation Class – Finding Ideas

During innovation class, we have spent the past few weeks getting acclimated with the concepts of choice and topics.  After brainstorming “bad ideas” last week, one student described it as “vomiting on a whiteboard”.  I did ask for honesty!

I do feel that most of the students got their wheels turning with the activity and more importantly, discovered how you could create a product concept from an idea.  How much fun would a video game about rubbing your hands on carpet be to play?  More importantly, how would you begin to develop the idea?  That is our next step during Innovation Class – create a clear plan for bringing an idea to fruition.

Of course, some students couldn’t wait to work.  I am lucky enough to be both the art and English teacher at St. Phil.  Crossover between the Innovation Class and the open art studio happened instantly.  Here are students drawing plans for a house designed by one student, while the other explores interior design possibilities!IMG_6192.JPG


My next step is to further define where projects are headed and to support students who are struggling with the open assignment concepts.  I will also further define expectations. Finally, blog posting has begun but they are insular at this time.  It is time to open up and share student thinking with the world!IMG_6193.JPG

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