Design Re-thinking

I am still struggling with how to marry “traditional” English teaching with allowing students to create learning and our “innovation class”.  After my second session of the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit (#ditchsummit), I know that this is going to be my focus for professional work over Christmas break.   To continue to embrace change, I have to acknowledge that this is not a replacement but a reorganization of things to focus on design thinking/creativity and motivation!

Even though I’m on my second session, I actually just finished listening to John Spencer (session 6).  Many questions come up after watching Spencer’s video.  Could I open up design thinking to take information from the texts we are reading and move through LAUNCH process?  Can I create links between text, themes, historical connections and their current innovation project?  Could it work through character analysis?  Could is start with building an authentic audience together? I think the key is the phrase Spencer repeated throughout the video “Don’t rob the world of your creativity.”

Or should I abandon the focus on literature all together?  Would everyone go nuts at this thought?

So many questions!


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