So it is only Wednesday, but I wanted to blog before I got through my next round of Innovation Time.  Just last week, one of my students said, “Mrs. Niesen, you are as excited about my project as I am.”  I sincerely replied that I was.  I never leave one of my Innovation classes without a renewed vigor for teaching and learning.  I know that I have done something right this year and that is made more evident as several students bring their first round of innovative ideas to a close.

After months of researching training options, Ava broke her goal of an 18 minute 5k, qualified for nationals and placed 34th at the Foot Locker XC Nationals.  She just presented her TED Talk this week, enlightening us all about how research plus self-reflection can equal growth.

Emily successfully planned and ran Faith Day during Catholic Schools Week.  Her journey through Innovation Time was shared on the BCACS blog – A community blog for parents, students, staff and supporters of the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools.  One of my colleagues saw the BCACS blog and commented: “It is neat to see what young people can accomplish when real teaching and learning occurs.”

And we continue on.  Because why would you buy a new drone when you could figure out how to put one together yourself? Even if it does involve re-forming “a small portion of the gimble so that it fits under the helicopter a little better, as the base is just a little to big” (Chris).


My students are amazing!  Find their amazing stories on their blogs!