Day 1 (in just 24 more days)

Each year the First Day of School is just like the very first during my initial year teaching art more than ten years ago.  Why? Because between each of the “firsts”, I have grown as an educator and yes, my growth looks like this:


So, what will that first day look like?  I want to set the tone for the year, growing on successes from last year and extending even more the concept of student empowerment. I’ve spent the entire summer reading, researching and reflecting on how to continue to grow as an educator for the good of my students.  However, the biggest thing I’ve focused on this summer is that the learning that takes place in my classrooms at St. Phil is not about me.  The student’s input in their own experience is equal to what I deem important.

What will Day One look like?
The best way to let my students know that their voice matters is by giving them an opportunity to be heard.  Even though I have very few new students this year, we are going to start with student reflection on questions about them so I can get to know my students even better. Then, we are going to rewind to Innovation Time 2016-17. Homework for Day 1 will include playing video games and getting into the Flow.  I cannot wait to get started!

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