Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB)

Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) is a research-based approach to choice-based art education. It is characterized by student driven art-processes and ideas and teachers who facilitate an organized, resource filled, responsive environment in the classroom.

What is a Studio Center?
It is an area in the classroom that is designated for the organization of supplies that correspond to a certain media or type of artistic process. Studio centers are easily accessible, organized, labeled, and have supplies visible. Studio centers are also supplied with menus that give insight into art elements, techniques, examples, and directions applicable to that center. This was students can get what they need with little direction. While centers have a table or a workspace that is available at the center, students also bring supplies to other worktables and put them back when they are finished using them. The most basic centers include Drawing, Painting, Collage, and 3D Sculpture. Additional studio centers include Fiber Arts, Printmaking and Clay.